30 years

flying non-stop

EYDISA's wind tunnels are designed to have wind blasting through them at all times. Many of the flyers who will enter your wind tunnel are amateurs. This means that helmets and shoes will at some point come off and fly into the wind stream despite your instructors' best efforts.

In some tunnels this means a 2-hour activity stop in order to successfully remove any loose items from the recirculating airflow.

EYDISA Wind Tunnels has cut down that time loss to under 5 minutes. Any staff member can check all the ducts within that time, because our system offers direct access to all points of the installation thanks to an exclusive architectural design.

On top of that, our technology also substantially lowers the possibility of any item getting trapped in the circuit.

We use the best materials to guarantee the longest possible life for our tunnels

Renewing the air

While recovering loose items is handy, renewing the air that is in the circuit is key. It helps to keep your staff and visitors healthy. If one ill person flies in the wind tunnel and the air is never renewed, there is a high probability that more flyers or staff members will fall ill in the next days.

Long-lasting tunnels

EYDISA's wind tunnels are not just made to outperform other wind tunnels, but also to outlive them. Whenever we build a wind tunnel, we aim to get 30 to 40 years of high-quality performance out of it.

Replace your engine in 24 hours

However, engine manufacturers cannot guarantee a 40-year period of smoothly running engines, which is why we have also installed a system that allows the quick extraction of engines and frequency drivers, dropping the replacement time to under 24 hours while other wind tunnels need up to more than two weeks.