Cooling System

We regulate the temperature

Thanks to our advanced cooling system, flyers experience much greater comfort.

While deciding about tunnel designs, the cooling system is often underrated. Despite common perception, the higher the wind speed, the higher the temperature will get in the flight chamber. This is due to friction of the air molecules in the ducts and the heat from the engines.

When flying on high wind speeds (over 150 km/h), other existing tunnels often see the temperature in the flight chamber rise to above 30 degrees Celsius (86 F). With the popularity of dynamic flying, VFS and competitions held at high speeds, these elevated temperatures pose a growing problem. Not only does it cause discomfort and makes flyers sweat, it also poses a risk of rapid dehydration and reduced concentration, with a higher chance of potential accidents.

EYDISA Wind Tunnels has invented and patented a pioneering cooling system that allows the wind temperature to be regulated down to any desirable level, without generating turbulence or significant power loss.

As more wind tunnels are constructed and new technologies invented, an excellent cooling system will be a requirement for all.

Take advantage of the cold exterior

Benefit from the cold external air without reducing the air speed of the flight chamber.

If you could choose between a car with Air Conditioning and a car without, which one would you choose? The answer is obvious.

A special note can be made for cold climate locations. Cold exterior air can be used to cool down the air flow, as long as the outside air temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius (68 F). This comes with an expense in the form of energy loss and decreased wind speed, since the cold air being sucked into the wind tunnel is “still” and must be brought up to speed. Not only does the air result turbulent, it also causes the noise pollution to be much higher, which might create problems concerning local regulations e.g. near residential areas. With our system this does not happen.

Another specific problem commonly found in wind tunnels is water condensation. Water flying through the tunnel at a speed of 230 km/h is very uncomfortable and can even be painful for the flyers.


EYDISA Wind Tunnels has developed a technology that not only prevents condensation, but also eliminates any liquid produced in the air flow.