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Madrid Fly

Our reference wind tunnel

In 2016, Madrid Fly opened its doors to the public, offering the most innovative wind tunnel in the world. All building materials went through an exhaustive selection process to ensure an optimal air flow and maximum comfort for all visitors. Measuring 4.6 metres wide and 17 metres high, Madrid Fly has the largest flight chamber in Europe. The air flow inside can reach 300 km/h, depending on the flyer's level of experience.

For all these reasons, more and more people are choosing Madrid Fly to try the amazing experience of indoor flying.

Step by step

The process of building your wind tunnel

The construction of a wind tunnel is a very important process. High performance during the building phase is a key factor determining future profitability of the business. Good building process management leads to a robust, highly functional and cost-effective construction, resulting in smooth and profitable daily operations. On average, the construction phase of the building takes 12 to 18 months, although EYDISA WIND TUNNELS also excels in this aspect, delivering high-speed execution during the construction phase.

Being the largest wind tunnel in Europe, Madrid Fly includes a restaurant with outside bar and a big terrace, meeting rooms, offices, etc. It was built in just 13 months, of which the tunnel technology itself only took 6 months to be installed.